Vincy Alliance Mas in the Community

VAM intends to widen its appeal in High Wycombe through a series of community activities. These include a programme of organised events centred around delivering arts and cultural activities that fostering understanding about people originating from other parts of the world. The central theme across all activities is ensuring participants have fun, socialise and learn skills.

Being part of the project allows children and teenagers of diverse backgrounds to express themselves through performance while teaching individuals the discipline and teamwork required to work together as a successful company of performers.

Whether they have dreams of entering the profession or simply wish to use the performing arts classes to learn some valuable life-enhancing skills, students will be invited to participate in activities ranging from music making, costume design, dancing and choreography to build up a repertoire of valuable skills they can use throughout their lives.

Two years straight we have been able to fly in two well-known dj’s from St.Vincent and the Grenadines for Carnival and our events.
Last year we were able to offer the opportunity to fly over a singer from St.Vincent – we flew in Caspa G to experience Notting Hill Carnival and showcase his talents to a much wider audience.

The Whole Community Benefits

The project does not only benefit students, it also provides a great source of joy to the people watching. 

We are not looking to profit, but to expand. We have something fun to offer which people of all ages can enjoy. By widening our appeal to our close neighbours, we hope to strengthen that community and bring it some of the colour and sunshine for which we are best known.

Our Past Workshops