Who we are?

Is a collective that is bought together by Vincy Alliance Mas to support the needs of those displaced following the eruption of La Soufrière.

The collective has already responded to the urgent need for supplies to be distributed to those in shelters and those taking refuge in private homes.

We are working with Vincentians who are living on the Mainland and working directly with us to distribute to those in need.

There is so much to consider and we would like to be transparent about what we are doing and why.

Vincy Alliance Mas is already structured as a community interest organisation and are held accountable through external governance. We have kept records and minutes of all our meetings and will continue to so through the development of this collective.

What is our Mission?

We are not here to duplicate any work, the current response from the Government and Non-Government organisations as well as neighbouring countries has been vast and overwhelming. They cannot do it alone, there is so much to be done and we are prepared to be here for long term support so those affected play an active part in rebuilding their lives.

We are here to support those directly affected by displacement. We aim to focus particular attention to those with additional needs. Including those who may have needs as a result of a disability or pre-existing mental health needs.

This support is defined as the following.

  1. Collecting, packing and shipping Items needed for emergency distribution, such as food, water, sanitary products, toiletries and baby care needs.

  • Listening to feedback from those displaced and sending on items needed to rebuild when families can return home, collecting, packing and shipping those items after need analysis.

  • Coordinating with those who have lost their livelihoods to the eruption and the subsequent displacement and providing them with the means to rebuild their business so they may support themselves.

  • To link in with young people on the Island so they may see the collective effort from the UK and feel supported through this difficult time and feel hopeful for the future.

  • To raise awareness of the ecological destruction to land and other species on the Island so that we may provide awareness for any long-term needs.


We have already worked with many in the collective to send our first shipment. These items were listed from responding to those in need who have been placed in shelters.

We are working with our team on the ground to coordinate space for that shipment to be packed and sorted before delivery. It will then be personally delivered to those who are in need.

Currently there is also some work to understand if there are any additional needs and how we can best support those who have also taken refuge in private households and with family in smaller Grenadine Islands.

Due to the outpour of support from our first collection drive we are in the process to taking stock and packing appropriately the items to be sent, so we can minimise any disruption for those in St Vincent who will be receiving the donations for distribution.

There is much longer-term work needed, the support for those returning home and for those who need help with restarting their livelihoods will begin once we are directed by officials on the Island.

We will be connecting with young people on Island through their schools, churches and youth groups and will take their lead with how they would like their voice heard through all of this.

Our Values

Determination and Kindness.

As a collective that is built from people with various backgrounds, we think these values represent us.

We want to let the people of St Vincent know that we are determined to support them to success through this difficult time. We have shown individual determination to put own priorities aside this week to get this far and we will keep going.

We are here to collectively show Kindness, and the power of that Kindness in times of need.