Who Are We

A team of young creatives working together to build a fun community and create costumes to represent St.Vincent and the Grenadines in the United Kingdom.


I Always have a great time, it usually reminds me of home. Just love and bare good vibes. You’re all doing a good job and we’re here for you guys it’s all about supporting each other.

A reveller

Janaye has really enjoyed dancing and drawing with Vincy Alliance Mas.  She has gained confidence in her dance and liked to learn new moves.  She has really liked the art class as she hasn’t been drawing to much in the lockdown.  She’s experimenting with different colours and takes pride in what she has drawn. Thank you.

Workshop Attendee

My kids really enjoyed the Moko Jumbie workshop that Vincy Alliance put on – they couldn’t wait to walk on the stilts.  They thoroughly enjoyed the practical class and cannot wait to attend more in the future.


My daughter has always been creative and into learning about different cultures.  We were so excited to learn that there was a mas making class on our doorstep. My daughter had never attended one before as they are always in London and not in area.  She thoroughly enjoyed this class and has asked me when is the next one.

Workshop attendee

Vincy Alliance Mas every year brings the true defeinition of ‘home’ on the road in St.Vincent & The Grenadines. There is no other band I would be jamming behind when NHC comes around.


I love wearing costume for NHC with Vincy Allinace Mas – from my goodie bag to the vibes on the road is always first class.  Keep up the good work.